BSpin Casino Review

“What attracted me primarily to BSpin Casino was the simple, seamless design of the website. The main focus is on the games as they should be. In my BSpin Casino review, I look at the important elements that make up a great casino. ”

BSpin is a relatively new name in the world of Bitcoin gambling, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find interesting deals to get started. The website was launched in 2019 by a team of professionals with over 15 years of experience in the gaming industry. The casino platform is fairly simple, with minimal fluff on the screen that real players can really appreciate. Here is a breakdown of the most important elements of the casino.

Gaming experience
The first thing you notice at BSpin Casino is the extremely simple and clean design of the site. There are only a few subpages, and if you start straight into the game, you can simply ignore them. The top slider displays all current bonuses, so if you like something, you can grab it right from the home page.

All games are listed below the banner and you can filter them by game type. In case you don’t know how to play some of the games listed, the blog site can help. It contains a number of useful posts that explain the rules of poker, roulette, baccarat and various other games.

Bonus offers
While most bonuses appear in the top bar, there is also a separate Promotions page that provides a detailed, comprehensive view of all bonuses. It is essential that you find out everything about betting requirements, game-related contributions and other applicable conditions.

BSpin’s first deposit bonus equals 100% of the deposit up to 1,000,000 μBTC, plus 20 free spins in the Tiger Princess game. A great way to get started in a loud voice and get to know the casino. The next time you fill out your account, you will receive your first reload bonus: 50% match up to 1,000,000 μBTC + 20 free spins in Tiger Princess. The second reload bonus is a bit more generous: 75% match up to 1,000,000 μBTC + 20 free spins for the Tiger Princess game as well.

To be eligible for these bonuses, you must make a minimum deposit of 0.001 BTC. The betting requirements for each of them are 35x. This means that you must accept the amount paid 35 times before you can collect the bonuses. Keep in mind that not all games contribute equally to progression. Thanks to their 100% contribution, slot machines can reach their goal in no time, while table games and live games only contribute 20% and 10%.

However, BSpin doesn’t just reward newcomers to the table. It offers an amazing cashback bonus to any player, new or regular, who loses the BTC while playing at BSpin, provided the price of the BTC has risen. This means that every Monday you get one percent of your loss in the player’s account. The percentage depends on two factors – how much you lost and how much your BTC increased over the previous week.

Select a game
BSpin offers more than 700 games of chance created by GameArt, Fazi, Evolution, Ganapati, Pragmatic play, Tangente and Xplosive. The casino interface allows you to filter games by type – slot machines, table games and live games. If you want to find a specific address, you can use the search bar in the upper left corner of the screen.

One of the best things about BSpin’s game selection is the fact that you can play each of your presentations directly from the landing page. If you figure it out, it will be much more convenient to place a bet.

Security & Safety
When you use cryptocurrency for online gambling, you are investing in your online security and anonymity. There is no need to disclose your personal information or endanger your privacy in any way. You can expect the same treatment from a Bitcoin casino.

BSpin stays true to this principle – all it asks you to do is create a username and password for your account. Publishing your email address is completely optional and can help you stay up to date with the latest offers and promotions. The casino will never ask for your bank account or phone number. You can enjoy the ultimate gaming experience without fear for your safety.

Customer service
For most gambling sites, the FAQ page is the basis of customer service. These questions cover all the major concerns of beginners, so it’s a great start. BSpin Casino is different; relies primarily on live chat and email. Considering the emphasis on security, it seems strange that the website has chosen to base its live chat feature on Facebook Messenger. This app needs to be linked to your online profile, which means it’s full of personal, sensitive information. This problem could be solved by creating a fake Facebook profile, but that is simply too much of a problem.

Banking services
Roughly all the amounts you see on the website are displayed in micro BTC. If you figure it out, you’ll see that it’s much more convenient than counting decimal places. The minimum withdrawal is 2000 micro BTC, which means 0.002 BTC. You can make payments via Bitcoin gift cards or other payment methods using Paxful.

What is bitcoin halving?

Anyone who also has a passing interest in mining or cryptocurrency trading has probably heard of the phrase “Bitcoin has halved”. Still, do you understand exactly what this means and the effects it has on the Bitcoin market and cryptocurrency trading in general? This is a completely different story, which we will try to explain in more detail through this article.

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To better understand the continuing nature of Bitcoin prices, the growing difficulties in their mining, and the rationale for the BTC halving events, we must first understand the underlying systems that drive the cryptocurrency market.

As you probably know, the key factor that distinguishes Bitcoin and other digital currencies from traditional money is that they have no physical elements. They exist purely in the digital world and use a complex peer-to-peer system to check.

What does this mean, however, in practice? Well, Bitcoin’s system relies on a technology known as blockchain, which is a growing list of records. These records are known as blocks and are linked using advanced cryptography. If we lost you there and you’re wondering what all this has to do with halving Bitcoin, don’t worry – we’ll get to that.

For now, it is important to understand that it cannot be mixed into the system because each block contains the cryptographic scatter of the previous block, including the timestamp and all previous transaction data. This means that the system is practically faulty. This is because once a transaction is logged, the data of any selected block cannot be changed without changing the other blocks. All of these blocks are publicly visible to anyone who has ever participated in the transaction, making it even more difficult to change any block.

The key to understanding the events of halving Bitcoin lies in understanding the connection between the creation of Bitcoin and its proliferation. Although the authorities mint or print conventional currencies, Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies must first be created in the system or “mined”. This is a self-sustaining system because bitcoin miners are rewarded for providing the computing power needed to encode and decode the blockchain during the process of creating new blocks that are added during each blockchain transaction.

The very act of trading Bitcoin is therefore inherently linked to Bitcoin mining, which is itself designed to provide ever smaller returns. The halving of bitcoin is a direct consequence of system design: there is a finite number of bitcoins that need to be mined, and almost 90% of that total fund has already been created.

As each new transaction is made, adding new randomized blocks to the chain becomes an increasingly complicated process, and Bitcoin mining brings less and less returns. While once one mining equipment could generate dozens or even hundreds of Bitcoins in a short period of time, today entire mining farms can at best hope to be awarded several BTCs to process power in months dedicated to encrypting and decrypting blockchains. .

Okay, plenty of downtime: now that we’ve given you a basic overview of the system, it’s time to explain the actual halving process. The total maximum offer of BTC is 21 million, of which more than 18 million Bitcoins have already been mined. The process of creating and spreading new Bitcoins is designed to continue at an ever-decreasing rate until 2140, at which point miners will continue to expand the system by rewarding transaction fees paid by network users.

The halving of Bitcoin in 2020 is just one link in a chain that is part of a synthetic inflation system. This halving system is designed to halve the rewards for bitcoin mining approximately every four years until all available bitcoins are mined. In practice, this means that every four years the returns for Bitcoin mining are reduced and the creation of new Bitcoins becomes twice as difficult.

This in turn causes a shortage in the market, which usually increases the price of Bitcoin. This is the essence of the halving process – as the market becomes increasingly saturated with Bitcoin, creating new ones becomes increasingly difficult. A halving event occurs on every 210,000 excavated blocks.

As you can imagine, predicting the date of halving Bitcoin is not an exact science, so it is almost impossible to determine the exact time when the next one will happen. So far, the event has followed a fairly stable schedule of one halved cycle approximately every four years, but despite the fact that many websites like CoinMarketCap have very accurate metrics to track currently mined blocks, their predictions are tentative at best. These forecasts simply give people a rough idea of ​​when they can expect the next big shocks on

It is also worth remembering that the Bitcoin halving clock only gives us a prediction regarding the date of the next halving event. The market price of bitcoin today is affected by many more external economic factors, and among them is the COVID-19 pandemic, whose effects on traditional and digital currency have yet to be fully revealed.

Certainly the most interesting aspect of the whole process of halving predictions is how this event will affect the price of Bitcoin, the market and the crypto mining scene in general. Looking at the historical chart of halving Bitcoin, the first event in 2012 knocked down mining awards from an incredible 50 Bitcoins per mined block to 25, while the next in 2016 reduced it to 12.5. As of May 11, 2020, the number is hovering at 6.25 and will remain there probably until sometime in 2024.

They are not the only aspect to consider, but these halving events in the past have proven crucial in determining the value of Bitcoin transactions and, conversely, increasing the price of cryptocurrency. Ignoring other factors for a moment, Bitcoin inflation can be directly linked to the process of halving: as Bitcoin becomes harder to create, the market value of the cryptocurrency grows.

The primary reason for this is that each halving increases the ratio of Bitcoin stocks and flows, which means the ratio of stocks currently available in circulation to newly introduced stocks. The first halving saw Bitcoin rise from about 12 to almost $ 1,150 in just one year.

This was then continuously reduced to “only” around $ 650 at the time of Bitcoin’s next halving in 2016, to jump to a record $ 20,000 by the end of 2017. Due to several internal and external factors, this price fell to a low of $ 3,200 at one point, but in the short period since halving in May 2020, it managed to break even the previous 2017 record, soaring well above $ 20,000 .

We said earlier that we will ignore external factors, but let’s go back for a moment. Gold and other precious materials have always been highly valued for their scarcity and their ability to be used as a stock of value. On the other hand, since the gold standard was abandoned, the amount of US dollars and other physical currencies in circulation has been constantly increasing.

Since the most recent date of halving Bitcoin and, more importantly, the outbreak of COVID-19, the total money supply of US dollars has gone from about 4 trillion to more than 6.5 trillion. In practice, this means that the actual purchasing power and confidence that people want to show in the currency is rapidly declining. And that without even taking into account the fears of counterfeiting, which are legitimate when it comes to any fiat currency.

Compare that to Bitcoin and similar digital currencies: not only does it deal with a solid platform that is self-sustaining and powered by P2P, but gives users a clear indication of the total number of assets available and how to predict and manage its inflation rates.

All of these factors, combined with the growing distrust that people around the world have of their banks and governments, explain the global popularity of Bitcoin and the importance that the process of halving Bitcoin will have on the world economy in the future. We hope this article has managed to shed light on the process and help you better understand why and how it will affect the global economy in the years to come.

Americas ’Cardroom Review

American poker players, rejoice! Finally, a suitable poker room that allows you to deposit and withdraw bitcoin. The America’s Card Room (aka Doyle’s Room) is the flagship of the Winning Poker Network (aka WPN, aka Yatahay), the world’s second largest American poker room. Not only are there plenty of promotions, with multiple full-range, no-limit tables, up to $ 5/10, their bonus and loyalty program completely, completely sick. Throw in a series of Sunday Million Dollar tournaments and you’ll get yourself an exceptional poker room without allowing bitcoin deposits. And with instant and free withdrawals facilitated by bitcoin? Why play anywhere else !? (Unless, of course, you can’t get over the brand name in the absence of an apostrophe.)

Open an American poker room account
After downloading the client, the user is asked to log in or open an account. To open an account, you need to provide some biographical information, including name, address, phone number, age, username and password, and so on. par for the course.

Deposit and withdrawal
After successful registration, click on the “My Account” button at the top of the screen at the cashier. There are a number of deposit options available, including Visa, MoneyGram and Western Union; payment options include a debit card issued by Western Union, MoneyGram, a bank draft or For our purposes, we limit our description to the process of depositing and withdrawing bitcoin. In any case, it is an excellent solution considering the speed, simplicity of processing and the cost to the user.

For American online poker players who are accustomed to making transactions with clever payment hacking, the bitcoin exceptions are free, with one hour of processing time no doubt making it emotional.

Depositing Bitcoin into the US card room

The process is relatively simple; once you have chosen to deposit a USD amount in bitcoin, the representative exchange rate will be displayed along with the address of the ACR bitcoin wallet. The displayed exchange rate is only good for 15 minutes – failure to send bitcoin during this period will result in a changed exchange rate and a different amount of cash than originally displayed. The exchange rate used is obviously a mixed average, taken from a few different stock exchanges.

Withdrawal of Bitcoin

The process of withdrawing bitcoin is basically the opposite of a deposit. The user simply selects the amount to be withdrawn, in USD, and enters a receiving bitcoin address. America’s Cardroom then takes a mixed conversion average and sends the appropriate amount of bitcoin to the user. Please note that bitcoin can only be requested between 07:00 and 23:00. This is probably because the process is done manually by the support staff.


1. The player pays 1.5 bitcoin at the rate of $ 270 and $ 405 is credited to their account.

2. The player performs well and eventually doubles his money to $ 810! At the same time, the cost of bitcoin fell moderately to $ 260.

3. The player requests a bitcoin payout for the full $ 810. AMC will send the player 3,115 btc for $ 260 per bitcoin, which will appear securely in your bitcoin wallet up to an hour after the request is submitted.

Americas CardRoom Welcome Bonus – 100% up to $ 1000!
First-time depositors are offered a massive 100% up to $ 1,000 matching bonus. The bonus vest is $ 1 for every 27.5 rewards, which is 20% rakeback. After earning the bonus dollars, they can be released into the wallet through the bonus management phase, which is a bonus available from rewards. In this section, players will find details about the expiration date of the bonus (40 days after admission), the amount released and the amount pending.

Award points

There are 5.5 reward points for every dollar paid in multi-table or sitngo tournament prizes. Cash players receive 5.5 points for each dollar contributed to the pot. The rake is distributed to players based on a formula known as the weighted contribution, which essentially distributes the rake to the players based on their contribution to the pot. Thus, for example, a small blind who folds preflop will earn fewer points than a player who calls a reraise on the river. This distribution mechanism encourages a looser style of play.

The benefits of the America Card Room elite

5.5 points are awarded for every $ 1 rake paid. Unlike the reward point described above, rake is attributed to players using the split rake method. According to this method, each player who is dealt a card in a given card is dealt an equal share of the rake taken from the entire pot, regardless of the subsequent move. So based on the example described above, a small blind who folds preflop will earn the same number of points as a player who raises again on the river. In fact, even the player who throws in the cutoff position before contributing anything to the pot will get the same number of points. This method encourages an extremely tight style of play and is preferred by more professional poker players.

Ranking points are used for two different purposes. First, “award medals” and “level of distinction” are awarded to players based on the number of ranking points earned during a calendar year. The levels are detailed in the table below.

750 10 USD 10 000 50 USD 40 000 50 USD 90 000 100 USD 600 000 3600 USD 1.75 9 200 USD
1500 10 USD 15 000 50 USD 45 000 50 USD 100 000 200 USD 700 000 2800 USD 2M 19 200 USD
2250 10 USD 20 000 50 USD 50 000 100 USD 200 000 2600 USD 800 000 4 200 USD 2.25 9.200 USD
3000 10 USD 25 000 50 USD 60 000 100 USD 300 000 2800 USD 1M 20 000 USD 2.5 9.200 USD
4000 10 USD 30 000 50 USD 70 000 100 USD 400 000 $ 3,000 1.25 9.200 USD 2.75 9.200 USD
5000 10 USD 35 000 50 USD 80 000 100 USD 500 000 $ 3,200 1.5 9.200 USD 3M 19 200 USD
Ranking points are also used to categorize players into different categories, each with different benefits. There are six different categories, which are shown in the table below.

RankTime FramePoints RequiredCombat Point szorzó
Lieutenant Monthly None of them 1 * RP earned
Captain Monthly 750 1.5 * RP scored
More significant Monthly 3000 2 * RP scored
Colonel Monthly 7500 2.5 * RP scored
General Annual 100 000 3.5 * RP scored
5-star general Annual 1 000 000 5 * RP scored
You will notice that overall and 5 star ranks are given based on scores achieved during a calendar year. Players can track their monthly and annual scores on the Poker Client Rewards tab.

Each rank is associated with a number of different benefits, most of which relate to what fees or cash are issued in the store. These prizes or cash payments are purchased using battle points. The player earns one battle point for each reward point earned, multiplied by the well-named “battle point multiplier” shown in the table above. Of course, the more battle points you earn, the more you can buy in the store.

Summary of value
Let’s break this down into dollars and cents. They earn 750 RPs in the first month of the game, which correlates with the $ 136 rake. This elevates you to the rank of captain, offering a 1.5 battle point multiplier – rewarded with 1125 CP. Excellent!

1. You can now buy $ 10 in cash from the store.

2. In addition, as soon as you will no doubt remember the medal in the table above, you have earned yourself the first medal, which entitles you to an additional $ 10!

3. And of course you still work on that huge sign-up bonus – $ 1 for every 27.5 points for a total of 750 points… take one, no, that’s not… oh yes, an additional $ 27 in cash.

So they made a total of $ 47 out of a $ 136 rake, or 35% effective rakeback !

Americas Card Room promotions
As if ACR’s crazy, sick loyalty program wouldn’t be enough, these guys are constantly pursuing it with a series of huge promotions. Below we detail our favorites.

$ 5 million guaranteed tournament

Well heard, from September 13th to October 25th, ACM will host five $ 1 million Sunday tournament series with a first prize of $ 200,000. Satellites to the $ 500 + $ 40 daily tournament, along with numerous freerolls and different levels of entry fees.

On-demand freerolls

Think of these $ 10 freerolls as 270 player sitgings – as the tables fill the action! No more waiting for a pre-determined start time – just drop in and start as soon as the tables close. Moreover, the top ten earners of the week will receive a free ticket to a Sit and Crush tournament, and the first place winner will receive a ticket to buy MTT on Sunday for $ 215.

Rake Tournaments – The Beast and Sit & Smash

Each week, America’s Card Room distributes the percentage of rake collected for each cash game and sitngo and divides it into two different prize pools – The Beast and Sit N Crush. At the end of the week, the prize pool will be awarded to those with the highest scores, depending on the size of the pool. Beast winners will also receive a million-dollar satellite seat, while Crush leaderboards will receive a seat in the Tournament Package Jackpot Tournament.

Software and games

America’s Card Room is the flagship of the Winning Poker Network, which has pretty decent liquidity. They offer fixed, limit and pot limit holdem, Omaha, 7 Card Stud, Telenisa and 32 Card Poker games. Most actions are N; o Located at Limit Holdem and pot limit Omaha tables. While it’s hard to find action above $ 2 / $ 4 NL holdem, there are plenty of 6-way tables within and below these limits, as well as very active PL Omaha tables. As can be deduced from the promotional descriptions, there is also a lot of juicy competition and sit n go, and cash games are growing at this time, of course.

The client himself seems familiar to online poker players. The old school tab selection layout allows for easy if you are tired of navigating between game types and limits.

Alas, gamers have to be content to just play on their desktop or laptop – and make sure they don’t use an apple computer! America’s Card Room is download only and works strictly on Windows products.

Customer service
24/7 email, live chat and free phone support. Whatever the question, at any time, you can add someone to the queue.

The point
Praise to America’s Card Room and the Winning Poker Network for waking up to the benefits of integrating bitcoin as a payment option for American players. There are no more weeks for withdrawals or redemptions of special checks that blush the bank cashier. There are no more 5% processing fees or monthly fees for prepaid cards issued by skillful companies you’ve never heard of. Instant deposit, instant payout, no fees and plenty of action from people who continue to use MoneyGram to fund their accounts.

And did we mention the insane value that ACR provides to its players in terms of cash, prizes and tournaments? You almost feel like taking advantage of it.

Bitcoin Lottery Guide

Do you want to be richer beyond your dreams? Imagine never having to worry about your money again and being able to buy what you want whenever you want. This is the glorious life of a lottery winner.

It will be hard to find a gambler who has never dreamed of winning the lottery, much less the Bitcoin lottery. Not a single gambler regularly buys lottery tickets in the hope that they can literally win the jackpot. Lottery games are constantly taking place all over the world, making up millions of dreamers.

Contents [show]

Best Bitcoin Lotteries 2021
Rated the best

# 1
Bovada logo 125% bonus up to $ 3750 125% bonus up to $ 3750

Famous game

# 2
Black Chip Poker logo 200% bonus up to $ 1000 200% bonus up to $ 1000

Generous bonuses

# 3
BetOnline logo 100% Crypto Bonus 100% Crypto Bonus

4 crypts accepted

What is the Bitcoin Lottery?
There is a way to win the lottery without having to buy a physical ticket. The popularity and size of Bitcoin lottery sites is growing due to the inclusion of Bitcoin casinos in the repertoire of gambling products.

Néhány jackpot nevetségesen masszív. Az egyik, akiről rendszeresen tudunk, rendelkezik egy 1000 BTC jackpot-tal, amely körülbelül 10 000 000 dollár értékű! Képzelje el, hogy néhány millió kattintással 10 millió dollárt nyerhet. Most hagyd abba az álmodozást, és valósítsd meg, mert valakinek meg kell nyernie a jackpotot, az is lehet, hogy te vagy!

Hogyan játsszon egy Bitcoin lottót?
A sorsolások egyszerűsége az egyik fő oka népszerűségüknek. Miután megvásárolta a jegyét a Bitcoin vagy a Bitcoin Cash szolgáltatással, a következő lépések közel azonosak bármelyik hagyományos lottón. Szinte az összes lottó ugyanúgy fut, hogy több választást hajt végre egy számcsoportból. Előfordulhat például, hogy hat számot kell választania 1-50 között. Ezután a sorsolás kezelője véletlenszerűen kiválaszt hat számot ugyanabból az 1-50-ből, más néven sorsolásból, és a kiválasztott számok megnyerése megegyezik a sorsoltakkal.

Meg kell egyeznie az összes választással, hogy megnyerje a Bitcoin Jackpotot. Az esély minden bizonnyal ellened áll, de az emberek folyamatosan nyerik a jackpotot, és ezek a jackpotok nem hihetetlenek.

They usually offer fees for comparing less than six numbers. The value of these prizes obviously decreases as the number of matching numbers decreases.

Each lottery, including Bitcoin lotteries, has its own payout structure and its own rules when it comes to the number of numbers selected, so be sure to check the fine print before purchasing your Bitcoin lottery ticket.

What does a provenly correct BTC lottery game mean?
Anyone with little technical ability can make a lottery, which makes it extremely important to choose a bitcoin lottery provider carefully. Provenly fair lottery games allow you to check each result to see if they are cheating. Some Bitcoin lottery operators use the same blockchain technology used for Bitcoins mining to randomly select winning lottery numbers.

It is certainly fair to make the selected numbers as random as possible in a mathematical sense. It also ensures that it is virtually impossible to change them, meaning all results are fair and no one cheats.

Find a provider that promises this because it ensures that the game is as close as possible to 100% fairness. If the Bitcoin lottery operator is unable to be demonstrably correct, the next best thing is to have your results independently verified by a third party.

Choose an online lottery provider through our website and you won’t be much wrong.

Best Bitcoin Lottery

Are Bitcoin lotteries legal?
This is a somewhat overwhelming statement, but it’s good to play Bitcoin gambling if you’re legal gambling age. It varies depending on where you are in the world. In some places you can play the lottery when you are 16, in others you have to be 18 and some US states are waiting for you to wait until you are 21. Always check your local government gambling rules and the rules on the Bitcoin lottery website.

You may want to enter a Bitcoin jackpot, lottery, or purchase scratch cards from an operator who is licensed and regulated by a governing body. Strict rules, especially regarding fairness and player protection, must be followed in order for a company to obtain a license. It also gives you some protection if something goes wrong or your dispute arises. These are extremely rare, but it’s good to know that a governing body has a back.

We only advertise to Bitcoin lottery organizers who go through rigorous tests and websites where in this case we are happy with our money or Bitcoin. However, there are other traditional lottery options that may better suit your needs, and our recommended sites also offer these lottery games.

Can you play a Bitcoin lottery for free?
While it is possible to buy a free Bitcoin lottery ticket, it is quite rare. Lottery operators do not run these games out of the goodwill of their hearts, but make money. They have to sell a number of tickets in order for the lottery to be worth their time because their margins are much smaller than in other games of chance.

These low margins are great for you because it means more money goes into the prize pool. Most Bitcoin lottery operators charge a fee equal to about 1% of the prize pool, which is small compared to other Bitcoin gaming products.

Sometimes there are special offers on Bitcoin lottery pages. In rare cases, they can buy one and get a free offer and give two shots for the grand prize at one price. More often, operators add money to the jackpot or achieve lower prizes more than usual, which is essentially free money for lucky competitors who have the same number.

Be sure to sign up for any newsletter sent by your Bitcoin lottery provider, as these will often provide you with limited time offers.

Popular Lotto games worldwide
Mega Millions
UK lottery
One million euros

Bitcoin Roulette Guide

Roulette is an extremely popular casino table game that has been played for hundreds of years. It got its name from the French word meaning small wheel. The game is almost identical to when it first appeared in the 18th century, but from now on you can play in online casinos around the world and even use Bitcoin for betting.

The simplicity of Bitcoin roulette, the variety of betting options and potentially large prizes make it a game for thousands of gamblers every day. The game has earned the nickname “The Devil’s Wheel” because the total number of the wheel is 666. Don’t worry, the game isn’t scary and has no demonic connections! Continue reading to learn more about using bitcoin to play online roulette and the most popular bitcoin roulette sites to get started.

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The best Bitcoin roulette sites
Rated the best

# 1
Bovada logo 125% bonus up to $ 3750 125% bonus up to $ 3750

Famous game

# 2
Black Chip Poker logo 200% bonus up to $ 1000 200% bonus up to $ 1000

Generous bonuses

# 3
BetOnline logo 100% Crypto Bonus 100% Crypto Bonus

4 crypts accepted

How to play roulette with Bitcoin
A roulette round begins with the croupier inviting players to bet. These bets are made and the croupier slowly spins the wheel. A small ball is rotated around a grooved track in the opposite direction to the rotating wheel. The ball eventually loses its momentum and is placed on one of the numbers from 0 to 36, which alternate in red and black (zero is green, more on that later!) To win or lose depending on where you placed the bet.

Most crypto roulette sites offer this game in their portfolio because it is so popular. Bitcoin roulette games play exactly the same as traditional roulette, unless you use Bitcoin for your bets and not the regular country currency. The location of an online casino and where players are received is related to the offerings of American or European roulette.

Read on to find out more about the different roulette bets you can make with Bitcoin and the Bitcoin casinos where you can play roulette.

Types of roulette betting
Let’s do something out of the way before we start talking about roulette betting. It’s a complete game of chance without skill. You bet, you take your chance, and Lady Luck determines whether you win or lose.

This did not stop some people from trying to develop a live roulette betting system. Don’t be fooled if someone offers you the chance of unspeakable wealth by paying for their system. They do not work like any betting system.

However, you can bet with bets that increase your chances of winning the next spin, but these bets will of course have lower odds and therefore payouts. These are the most popular roulette bets that can be placed with your roulette Bitcoin.

All subsequent bets have a 2.7% house advantage when playing on a French bitcoin roulette table (one with a single zero) or a 5.3% house advantage when you bet on American roulette (zero and double zero wheels). Play on a French wheel where possible because the edge of the house is almost half that of American tables.

A straight bet on any number is a bet between zero and 36. This is a popular bet because of the 35: 1 prize he has awarded. While the payout is great, don’t expect to hit a single number very often.

There are a number of other number-related roulette strategies and bets that pay less but are more likely to come in. For example, splitting means receiving any two adjacent numbers vertically or horizontally. This bet pays 17: 1.

Corner bets are also popular because they cover four possible numbers in a block. Corner bets involve an 8: 1 payout.

There are also bets called external bets. They come in much more, but they also pay the least. Most online and live casinos accept larger amounts if you place external bets.

Betting on red or black is the most common outside bet. Bet on Red and win 1-1 when the ball hits the red number. The same goes for black betting. Your colored bets will be lost if the ball falls to the green zero.

You can also place similar bets on an odd or even number of balls. Again, these have 1 to 1 payouts. The same payout applies to bets on the area you win when the ball lands 1-18 or 19-36.

Betting on the possible three dozen is another popular low-risk roulette bet. You bet on the 1st, 2nd or third dozen and you win if the ball goes to the corresponding dozens. Paying a dozen bets for 2: 1.

Finally, before explaining some special bets, consider betting on columns. Like the dozens, they also cover 12 numbers and 2-to-1 payouts.

Multiple special bets cover a lot more numbers to increase your chances of winning the next round, but don’t pay off high odds. Subsequent bets are called “Call Bets” or “Announced Bets”.

Voisins makes a series of bets that cover the numbers zero and eight on each side. You need nine chips or multiples of them to accept an invalid bet. With most holes you can win 17-ti-1, depending on which number the ball falls on.

Tiers bets on 12 numbers directly opposite zero. This chip requires six chips and the maximum payout is 17: 1.

Orphelins bets apply to numbers that are not covered by voisins or levels. This bet spans eight numbers, with five chips, with the highest possible payout, from 35 to 1.

The last call is Zero or Jeu Zero. This covered four numbers inside and around zero with four chips. Again, the maximum payout is 35: 1

Why Gamble for Bitcoin

Where to play Roulettewith with Bitcoin
Plenty of Bitcoin roulette sites offer a variety of casino games and each one is 100% safe and fair. Check out one or all of the following cryptographic roulette casinos that have been tried and tested by our team of gambling experts. Some also offer free spins and deposit bonus options, so don’t hesitate, get started today!

Loki Casino
mBit Casino
Roulette Em
You will need a Bitcoin wallet before you can purchase and use the Bitcoin game in your casino. We’ve put together an easy-to-digest guide on how to do this. You can find this here.

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The Definition of Brand

A brand is an identification mark, symbol, name or other attribute that identifies one product or service as different from those of others. It is also known as the identifying trademark of a company. It is usually formed by a combination of letters and at most, a single X. Branding is important because it allows consumers to differentiate one brand from another. For example, milk is recognized as one of the brands in the market, while Feta is considered as a gourmet cheese.


The brand equity or worth of a brand can be calculated through many methods, including cost per unit, word of mouth, price per head, and total market share. The most common and reliable method is to divide brand equity by the total sales of each brand. Other methods to determine the value of a brand include the cost per head for a particular brand, the cost per unit for a specific brand, or the average ROI or return on investment. The break-even pricing concept is the opposite of cost per head. It considers the sales volume or the average sale price divided by the average sales price.

Advertising is the backbone of brand building. Advertisements, commercials, banners, websites, emails, and even billboards all help build the name of a brand. Some studies have shown that 85% of brand name recognition is due to advertising and marketing.

Brand names have been around since people began marketing centuries ago. The first brand name was created for a type of grain called “Somnus”. This was used by farmers to identify their products. Brand names are often based on a person, a product or a type of company. Examples include Ford, Apple, Sony, Visa and Southwest Airlines. People associate brand names with certain things.

Companies rely on brand names to create brand loyalty and to foster customer loyalty. They also use the name to show the relationship they have with their customers. A company named Southwest Airlines has several marketing campaigns including one called “The Southwest Experience”. This campaign includes television commercials, print ads and interactive websites that have various components, such as games, trips and gift cards.

Brand marketing can be done in many different ways. Brand names can be chosen from the pool of available catalogues, or they can be randomly selected. A brand name can be taken from the name of an existing business. Alternatively, the name of a new business can be taken from a book, a movie, a song, a TV series, a song or a brand of something that is already known or popular. There are so many ways to brand.