What Is couture?


What Is couture?

Fashion is an artistic form of self expression and individuality in a certain time and context and at a certain time, in a certain context and by a certain authority. The word, itself, suggests a certain style, a trend defined by the fashion industry that what is currently fashionable. It does not indicate popularity, style or a likeability factor; it simply indicates something fashionable. For the majority of people fashion means different things to different people; however, for most people fashion means sophistication, moderation, formality and neatness.

From early times women wore clothing according to the weather, as weather dictated. Fashion design and style emerged as women wanted more freedom, more options to express themselves. As clothing got more complicated and clothes had to be made more durable and fanciful, designers started to take notice of what was happening in women’s lives and what they wished to wear.

Today’s fashion market caters for men, women, children, teens and tweens. Teens, for instance, wear baggy jeans with their oversized sweatshirts, sports jerseys and baseball caps. Boys wear baseball caps, tracksuits, t-shirts and hoodies. Girls wear skirts, shirts, blouses and blazers.

Fashion trends are always changing as designers bring out new styles, new colors and new materials. Fashion shows are also very popular among fashion enthusiasts. Fashion magazines represent the changing fashion trends and display new clothes and new accessories that the public can buy to follow along with the changing fashion trends.

Fashion designers are paid based on the sales of the clothes they make, not on the popularity of the clothes they create. Therefore, if a clothing item becomes very popular it can cost designers a lot of money. If they make a fashion collection for the winter season they will be able to make plenty of money, but if they make a similar design for fall they may not get paid much. This is because fewer people will want to wear their clothing in the fall and winter seasons. When it comes to the popularity of a clothing item designers need to consider how many people will want to wear their clothes.

Therefore, the popularity of a piece of clothing and its price tag is not everything that creates a successful fashion show. Other factors such as quality, uniqueness, beauty, originality and affordability are equally important in making a fashion show a success. In conclusion, couture, designer clothing and fashion trends are not permanent. Fashion will continue to change and the only thing that remains constant is the person’s choice of what he or she wants to wear.