High Fashion Clothing


High Fashion Clothing

Fashion is a broad term that encompasses a vast array of activities that involve dress, jewelry, shoes, and accessories. It is a way of displaying one’s status in society. The word ‘fashion’ first appeared in France in 1400, according to the Merriam Webster’s dictionary. The etymology of the word is derived from French, meaning to suit, go for, or be suited.

From the early times, fashion has been a popular way of expressing social rank and standing through clothes, accessories and other paraphernalia. Today, fashion has evolved into something more than just clothes. The word has become a vague term used to describe a particular style of dressing, where modern (high fashion) styles are mixed with traditional (street) styles. In other words, in the high fashion world, clothes are designed for high style, while the street-smart kids wear the clothes that are ‘in’ today.

The term ‘fashions’ has come to refer loosely to any sort of dress or clothing that is considered to be popular today, regardless of whether it is in fashion or not. This includes jeans, T-shirts, sweat shirts, slacks, dress pants, sweat pants, work uniforms, formal dresses, sports attire, and casual clothing. In addition, there is the mass-produced variety of clothing; that is, clothing produced commercially for the purpose of being sold.

In terms of economics, the wholesale and mass-produced goods that are found in department stores and other such retail establishments are considered to be a waste, or an expense, for retailers. They would be much better off purchasing their clothing directly from the manufacturer, at least for the lower-end items that they sell. In the past, clothing was manufactured in small units, for the purpose of being sold in large numbers. These units usually contained between two and nine pieces.

For decades now, the vast majority of women’s clothing is manufactured in America, Japan, and China. Most of the fashions we see in department stores, boutiques, and street corners are mass-produced in these three countries. Those who have access to high fashion clothing have little choice in the matter; they must conform to the desires and preferences of those who own the money, whether they are designers manufacturers, or retailers. These same people, when shopping for low-cost, high fashion fashions, will often purchase the fashions from wholesalers who import the clothing themselves.

There is a huge difference between the fashions produced by well known designers, who have large marketing budgets, and those produced by lesser known companies. The fashions from lesser known designers often lack quality and some of the more unique designs become extinct within a relatively short time period. This can be attributed, in part, to mass production and to the ability of businesses to produce and distribute clothing in massive quantities. The world of fashion has changed dramatically in the past twenty years. While the styles remain popular, many younger women have turned away from these styles in favor of the hip hop and other popular, edgy styles. As more individuals look toward purchasing clothing, the uniqueness of the styles will continue to grow, giving rise to a new set of “high fashion” clothes.