New slots for Relax Gaming Here are some of the latest Relax Gaming machines introduced.

1. TNT Tumble (Published in April 2020)
TNT Tumble is a brand new slot machine game released on April 1, 2020. Your goal is to explode your way through layers of dark stone and collect valuable crystals.

The slot board consists of 5 x 7 symbols and there are no traditional paylines. Instead, you need to get 3 to 7 adjacent symbols in a line: horizontal or vertical. Thus, for example, 4 symbols in a square shape do not count as a gain, but only lines.

Relax Gaming TNT Tumble Slot.

Relax Gaming TNT Tumble Slot.

The structure of the symbols collapses, so when you win, those symbols disappear. More symbols fall from the top of the reel and you can run more wins.

If all blocks of dark stone in the main game are destroyed, the Free Spins feature is awarded.

At free spins, some dark stone blocks are special and contain additional spins or added multipliers. There are three different free spins ways you can choose before you start free spins :

Multiplier: Special stone blocks contain 1x, 2x or 3x added multipliers (volatility: very high).
Multipliers & Additional Turns: Special stone blocks contain added multipliers or additional turns (volatility: high).
Additional turns: Special stone blocks contain 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 additional turns (volatility: medium).
Relax Gaming TNT Tumble Slot.

When you get the Free Spins feature, you have this selection of different bonus games. Volatility varies from very high to medium. If you want to chase bigger wins (but less often), select Very High or High, but if you want to secure medium-sized wins (but more often), select Medium.

In all the different ways of cleaning every third whole row of dark stone blocks (regular and special) you are given +2 free spins.

You can also purchase the Free Spins feature separately. The price is 70x the total level of stakes.

Relax Gaming TNT Tumble Slot.

This is a feature of free spins (multiplier). Purple gems in this mode hide different multipliers. When you drill all the dark stones, more layers of stones with more bonuses will be revealed.

Relax Gaming TNT Tumble Slot.

Here’s a mid-range feature of free spins (Multiplier & Extra Spins). Dark stones with purple gems hide the Multipliers, and cyan gems Extra turns.

Wild substitution symbols for all symbols in reels. They are likely to be generated in stacked segments on each column. There is a trick in the Wilds because victory does not destroy them. Instead, they are destroyed when they fall to the bottom row and engage in victory.

Wilds are also the highest paid symbol. Winnings in pure wilderness are only judged if there are no adjacent symbols to pay in a given direction.

When the TNT block destroys, it also destroys any other block of dark stone in that row horizontally.

Relax Gaming TNT Tumble Slot.

Here are the wild symbols in the game drilling their way to the dark stones.

In conclusion TNT Tumble is a very fun and well made slot game. The look of the grooves is very special with a 5 x 7 groove plate and dark stones into which you can drill your way.

Also, the free game with free spins is very good and you can also choose from 3 different modes.

TNT Tumble is very well thought out with soothing background music, but enough action with explosive bricks to keep you engaged for longer.

Both thumbs up for TNT Tumble, great job!

Published game: April 2020

RTP (return to player): 96.11%

Variance: Medium high

Appearance: 5 x 7

Betting lines / combinations: –

Maximum win: 2088x bet

2. Snake Arena (Published in December 2019)
Snake Arena is a 5 x 5 slot game with regular 30 paylines. The game is an automated themed game with several elements of comic book styles in graphics.

Relax Gaming Snake Arena slot.

Relax Gaming Snake Arena slot.

The Free Spins feature is activated by landing the Snake Head on reel 1 and the Knight sign on any reel.

Relax Gaming Snake Arena slot.

Here’s how to run the Free Spins feature. You just have to put the snake’s head on the reel1 and the knight’s symbol on any reel like here.

During the free spins feature, the knight symbol will land on each spin. Before the new turn, the Snake moves towards the Knight symbol.

If the Snake reaches the Knight, he will eat it and the Snake will grow in length. Then a new turn will begin.
If the snake’s body is in the way, the snake will crash and the free spins feature will end.
If Snake fills all positions on reels 2-5, the free spins feature will end and an additional prize of 1000x Bets will be awarded.
Relax Gaming Snake Arena slot.

This is a free game with free spins. The snake will move towards the Knight. The snake grows one with each knight’s meal. The snake simultaneously acts as a great wild symbol.

Relax Gaming Snake Arena slot.

When the Snake stabs itself, the free spins feature stops.

You can also buy the Free Spins feature at a price of 70x. The RTP (Return to Player) rate is also the same 96.25% on the Free Turns feature purchased.

The Knight symbol and any part of the Snake are Wild Symbols and substitutes for all other symbols.

The Wild Chase feature triggers accidentally. The serpent protrudes above one random reel, and the Knight protrudes below one reel at the same time. This is repeated up to three times.

If it peeks into the same reels, that reel becomes wild and the process is repeated.

In Wild Chase, 1-5 reels will become Wild Reels.

Relax Gaming Snake Arena slot.

Here’s the main Snake Arena slot game.

In conclusion Snake Arena is a pretty nice slot game. Graphics, animations and gameplay play well. The Snake Arena, on the other hand, lacks a bit of personality in my opinion. There are only a snake and a knight and they look pretty bland. I’m not a professional slot machine designer, but something could be done better here.

However, the free spins feature is quite unique and it is interesting to watch the movement of the snake.

With a little effort Snake Arena could be a great hit. But as it is, it works fine and is worth a try if you like slots with a fantasy theme with a bit of a comic approach.

Published game: December 2019

RTP (return to player): 96.25%

Variance: High

Appearance: 5 x 5

Betting lines: 30

Maximum gain: 2758x

The most interesting machines for Relax Gaming
Here are some of the most interesting Relax Gaming slots I found in the selection. They are all worth checking out!

1. Money train (Published in August 2019)
The Money Train is a Western film in the form of a 5-reel slot, released in August 2019. Train robbers, gunshots and debts need to be collected. There are 40 paylines, and the game is always played with all active paylines.

The general western feel is great, especially the country style music just nails it.

Relax Gaming cash train slot.

Relax Gaming cash train slot.

Wild replacement symbol for all other symbols. There are also smaller symbols (card suits) and main symbols (bank robbers).

The Money Cart bonus round is triggered by landing the Bonus symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5 . Once the bonus round starts, the three bonus symbols will reveal the value that the Multiplier holds and gives you 3 free spins.

Relax Gaming cash train slot.

If you assign three bonus symbols, you will receive a Money Cart bonus round.

In the Money Cart bonus round each new bonus symbol that falls will return the rev counter back to 3. In the Money Cart bonus round you can also unlock additional reels.

During the bonus round you can get the following additional symbols:

Bonus symbol: Reveals the value as Multiply bet.
Money symbol: Reveals value as Multiply bet.
Payer Symbol: Detects a value such as Multiply bet and adds it to all other visible symbols on the reels.
Permanent Payer Symbol: Reveals the value as Multiply bet and adds it to all other visible symbols for that spin and any spin that will follow.
Collector Symbol: Detects a value like Multiply bet, then collects all visible values ​​on the reels and adds them to its own value.
Permanent Collector Symbol: Detects a value as Multiply bet, then collects all visible values ​​on the reels and adds them to its own value at the end of that turn and each turn that follows.
Wider symbol: Reveals the value as Multiply bet and opens an additional reel.
Soup symbol: Does not carry a value and does not reset the rev counter.
So your goal in the bonus round is to collect as many multipliers as possible to increase your winnings.

Relax Gaming cash train slot.

This is a Money Cart bonus round.

Relax Gaming cash train slot.

Your goal is to collect as many multipliers as possible. It’s also possible to unlock two extra reels to increase your winnings like here – if you’re lucky.

You can also buy the Bonus round of Money Cart separately at the price of 80x bet. Keep in mind that RTP (Return to Player) for a bonus bet is 98.00% , which is great!

The maximum payout is 20,000 x to bet on the Money Train slot, so there is a chance of winning huge prizes if you are lucky.

In conclusion, Money Train is a pretty simple but very fun slot machine game with a lot of western movie spirit. RTP is at the average level of the main game (96.2%), but the bonus round Money Cart retains an excellent RTP of 98.0%. The bonus game can also be purchased separately at a price of 80x the bet.

In my opinion Money Train is one of the best western themed terminals out there. My recommendations!

Published game: August 2019

RTP (return to player): 96.2% (98.0% for Money Cart bonus round as purchased feature)

Variance: High

Appearance: 5 x 4

Betting lines: 40

Maximum win: Stake of 20,000x

1. Get ready for the rumble (published in August 2019)
Getting ready for the game is a boxing-themed slot machine with legendary speaker Michael Buffer . He is the voice of the famous motto “Let’s prepare for the rumble!”. His half-brother is UFC announcer Bruce Buffer .

Get ready for the Rumble slot offers a 6-reel board with 4 xs adhesive resp, Wild Stacks and Rumble Spin special features. The maximum payout is 2389.4 x bets in this term.

Let’s get ready for the rumble of Relax Gaming machines.

This is Relax Gaming’s “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble” slot.

There are no regular ways to win, but the Related Ways reward system is called instead . You will get if you get only 3 or more symbols connected on adjacent reels, starting from the left side of reel 1. The symbols must also be at most one row above, one row below or in the same row with each other.

The overall feeling is a bit exciting and adrenaline pumping. The background music especially reminds me of Rocky 1 and the song Eye of the Tiger by the legendary band Survivor.

This makes a total of 466 connected modes and up to 1436 during the Rumble Spin feature.

Let’s get ready for the rumble of Relax Gaming machines.

Here’s Rumble Spin in action. During the turn anything can happen, here Cross Wilds and another boxer get hits!

The Rumble Spin feature can be accidentally activated at any spin . During the rotation, a random number of the accessories described below will increase the rotation:

Cross Wilds is a feature where 3-5 wild symbols are randomly placed on reels. It can be activated up to 8 times in one Rumble turn.
In Uppercut Wild a bunch of wild symbols are placed on the back reel.
A wild hook is a feature that moves the Wild stack from the back reel to reels 2 or 3. If the active area of ​​the reel is larger than Wild therefore, it also expands the string to fill the entire active reel.
Title Fight The feature will expand the game area by adding 2 more lines below the game area. This will increase the number of connected routes to 1436.
Let’s get ready for the rumble of Relax Gaming machines.

Rumble Spin can result in a huge amount of Wilds in rolls like here.

The sticky turning feature can be accidentally activated on a winning combination. During Sticky Spin, all winning symbols appear and you will receive a spin again. Additional reversals are obtained until you bring in more symbols that add the original gain.

Let’s get ready for the rumble of Relax Gaming machines.

This is a Sticky Spin feature where the winning symbols are beautiful and you can collect a lot more like the microphone symbols here.

Wild Stacks The feature means that 2-5 wild stacks are randomly placed, each covering the entire reel.

Let’s get ready for the rumble of Relax Gaming machines.

Wild Stacks can assign you a lot of drill bags that are piles full of Wilds.

In conclusion Get Ready to Play The slot game is a very cool slot machine game with a unique boxing theme. Also legendary boxing announcer Michael Buffer really brings a lot of credibility to this slot.

There are a huge number of different specialties and playing slot machines works well.

A few minuses in this term is the rather low RTP with 96.14% and small variance. That means you get more smaller winnings, but from this place (around 2400x) you can’t win huge amounts compared to for example Money Train Relax Gaming where you can win a huge multiplier of 20,000x.

Also a bonus game with free spins can have multiple spins, for example 10 free spins. But as they are, in my opinion they work well.

Getting ready for the rumble is a must for all boxing or MMA fans. This is a hit!

Published game: August 2019

RTP (return to player): 96.14%

Variance: Low

Appearance: 6 x 4

Betting lines: 466

Maximum win: 2389.4 x bet

More interesting slots – Quick Picks
Here are some quick selections of selected slots for Relax Gaming with shorter introductions.

Relax Gaming Zombie Circus Slot.

Zombie Circus is a spooky 5 x 3 slot machine game that combines legends of crazy killer clowns and zombies. An interesting mix, but why not? RTP: 96.92%.

Slot King of Kings tvrtke Relax Gaming.

Another slot on the topic of Ancient Egypt from Relax Gaming: King of Kings! RTP: 96.0%, large variance and maximum gain is 5000x.

Relax Gaming Powerspin slot.

Powerspin is a classic 3 x 3 slot game with a modern twist. However, RTP is quite low with 94.86%.

Wildchemy slot by Relax Gaming.

Wildchemy will teach you a little chemistry in the form of automata. RTP: 96.02%, mean variance and maximum gain of 500x.

Relax Gaming’s Erik the Red slot.

Erik Crveni is a Viking-themed slot machine with a pretty good 96.95% RTP. The variance is small / medium in this slot game.

Highest RTP Relax Gaming Slots
These are the highest percentage of RTP (Back to Player) slots I found from Relax Gaming. The list is arranged from the highest RTP to the lowest percentage of RTP.

Epic Joker – Published in November 2018 – Variance: Unknown – Max win: Unknown – RTP: 97.0%
Erik Crveni – Published in October 2018 – Variance: Low / Medium – Max win: Unknown – RTP: 96.96%
Zombie circus – Published in October 2018 – Variance: Unknown – Max win: Unknown – RTP: 96.92%
Dragons Awakening – Published in March 2019 – Variety: Medium – Maximum Win: Unknown – RTP: 96.96%
It is time! – Published in October 2019 – Variance: Unknown – Max win: Unknown – RTP: 96.74%
Mega masks – Published in March 2020 – Difference: medium / high – maximum win: unknown – RTP: 96.61%
Big Pigsby – Published in January 2019 – Variety: unknown – maximum win: unknown – RTP: 96.55%
Caveman Bob – Published in May 2019 – Variation: unknown – Max. Earnings: 500x bet – RTP: 96.49%
Hero Gathering – Published in February 2020 – Difference: Medium / High – Maximum Win: Bet 400x – RTP: 96.45%
Light the Night – Posted in June 2019 – Difference: Medium / High – Maximum Win: Unknown – RTP: 96.39%
Temple Tumble Megaways – Published in February 2019 – Difference: High – Max. Earnings: 7767.7x bet – RTP: 96.25%
Snake Arena – Published in December 2019 – Variance: High – Max win: 2758x bet – RTP: 96.25%
Money train – Published in August 2019 – Variance: High – Max win: Unknown – RTP: 96.2%
Getting ready for the game – Published in September 2019 – Difference: Low – Max. Earnings: 466x bet – RTP: 96.14%
TNT Tumble – Published in April 2020 – Variances: Medium / High – Max Win: 2088x bet – RTP: 96.11%
Tumble Tower – Published March 2019 – Variation: unknown – Max. Earnings: 5150x bet – RTP: 96.11%
Wildchemy – Published in March 2019 – Variant: Medium – Max. Winnings: 500x bet – RTP: 96.02%
King of Kings – Published in April 2019 – Difference: High – Max. Earnings: 5000x bet – RTP: 96.0%
Powerspin – Published in August 2019 – Variety: Unknown – Maximum win: Unknown – RTP: 94.86%
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