How to Stop Your Gambling Addiction


Gambling is a fun way to unwind and enjoy your favorite pastime, but it can also be a very dangerous activity. If you find yourself having to make decisions about gambling – or are afraid of losing your hard-earned money – it may be time to seek help. There are a few different things you can do to keep yourself from becoming addicted.

The first thing you should do is consider how much you are willing to spend on gambling. You should not be using your credit card or letting your bank automatically deposit funds into a betting account. Keeping a small amount of cash in your pocket is a good idea.

Another tip is to use relaxation techniques. Using a meditation app or attending a yoga class is a great way to clear your head of the constant thought of how much money you are losing. Spending time with non-gambling friends can also be a good way to distract yourself.

Practicing the art of budgeting can help you save for the future. Having your bank automatically deposit funds into an account is a good way to avoid forgetting to make payments. When you are done with gambling, you should close your betting account and remove any credit cards from your wallet.

Managing your family’s finances is also important. Taking over the financial responsibilities in your family will help you to set boundaries and stay accountable. That doesn’t mean micromanaging your loved one’s impulses, but it will help you ensure that the credit in your home doesn’t get wiped out.

Adolescents are at an especially high risk for gambling problems. In fact, a 2005 survey of Alberta students found that two out of every 100 students had some sort of problem gambling. This statistic is somewhat alarming, but it is important to remember that it doesn’t mean that you will be the only person in your family with a gambling problem.

There are many organisations that offer assistance to people with gambling problems. They include the National Gambling Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

One of the best ways to overcome your gambling addiction is to find out what you are doing wrong. Having a strong support system is crucial to recovery. Consider joining a peer support group, or volunteering for a cause. These types of programs will give you the opportunity to meet other people who have overcome their own struggles.

Another useful tip is to look at gambling as a game of chance. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be aware of the odds, but it does mean that you should expect to lose. Chance-based gambling is like playing the lottery or bingo. A marbles game is another example of a similar concept.

It is easy to fall into a pattern of over-gambling, but it isn’t as easy to stop. Gambling can lead to problems and ruin relationships, but there are some ways to get back on track.

Seeing a therapist can be a great way to understand your gambling problem. Some types of therapy, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, will help you recognize unhealthy behaviors and teach you how to counter them.