Americas ’Cardroom Review

American poker players, rejoice! Finally, a suitable poker room that allows you to deposit and withdraw bitcoin. The America’s Card Room (aka Doyle’s Room) is the flagship of the Winning Poker Network (aka WPN, aka Yatahay), the world’s second largest American poker room. Not only are there plenty of promotions, with multiple full-range, no-limit tables, up to $ 5/10, their bonus and loyalty program completely, completely sick. Throw in a series of Sunday Million Dollar tournaments and you’ll get yourself an exceptional poker room without allowing bitcoin deposits. And with instant and free withdrawals facilitated by bitcoin? Why play anywhere else !? (Unless, of course, you can’t get over the brand name in the absence of an apostrophe.)

Open an American poker room account
After downloading the client, the user is asked to log in or open an account. To open an account, you need to provide some biographical information, including name, address, phone number, age, username and password, and so on. par for the course.

Deposit and withdrawal
After successful registration, click on the “My Account” button at the top of the screen at the cashier. There are a number of deposit options available, including Visa, MoneyGram and Western Union; payment options include a debit card issued by Western Union, MoneyGram, a bank draft or For our purposes, we limit our description to the process of depositing and withdrawing bitcoin. In any case, it is an excellent solution considering the speed, simplicity of processing and the cost to the user.

For American online poker players who are accustomed to making transactions with clever payment hacking, the bitcoin exceptions are free, with one hour of processing time no doubt making it emotional.

Depositing Bitcoin into the US card room

The process is relatively simple; once you have chosen to deposit a USD amount in bitcoin, the representative exchange rate will be displayed along with the address of the ACR bitcoin wallet. The displayed exchange rate is only good for 15 minutes – failure to send bitcoin during this period will result in a changed exchange rate and a different amount of cash than originally displayed. The exchange rate used is obviously a mixed average, taken from a few different stock exchanges.

Withdrawal of Bitcoin

The process of withdrawing bitcoin is basically the opposite of a deposit. The user simply selects the amount to be withdrawn, in USD, and enters a receiving bitcoin address. America’s Cardroom then takes a mixed conversion average and sends the appropriate amount of bitcoin to the user. Please note that bitcoin can only be requested between 07:00 and 23:00. This is probably because the process is done manually by the support staff.


1. The player pays 1.5 bitcoin at the rate of $ 270 and $ 405 is credited to their account.

2. The player performs well and eventually doubles his money to $ 810! At the same time, the cost of bitcoin fell moderately to $ 260.

3. The player requests a bitcoin payout for the full $ 810. AMC will send the player 3,115 btc for $ 260 per bitcoin, which will appear securely in your bitcoin wallet up to an hour after the request is submitted.

Americas CardRoom Welcome Bonus – 100% up to $ 1000!
First-time depositors are offered a massive 100% up to $ 1,000 matching bonus. The bonus vest is $ 1 for every 27.5 rewards, which is 20% rakeback. After earning the bonus dollars, they can be released into the wallet through the bonus management phase, which is a bonus available from rewards. In this section, players will find details about the expiration date of the bonus (40 days after admission), the amount released and the amount pending.

Award points

There are 5.5 reward points for every dollar paid in multi-table or sitngo tournament prizes. Cash players receive 5.5 points for each dollar contributed to the pot. The rake is distributed to players based on a formula known as the weighted contribution, which essentially distributes the rake to the players based on their contribution to the pot. Thus, for example, a small blind who folds preflop will earn fewer points than a player who calls a reraise on the river. This distribution mechanism encourages a looser style of play.

The benefits of the America Card Room elite

5.5 points are awarded for every $ 1 rake paid. Unlike the reward point described above, rake is attributed to players using the split rake method. According to this method, each player who is dealt a card in a given card is dealt an equal share of the rake taken from the entire pot, regardless of the subsequent move. So based on the example described above, a small blind who folds preflop will earn the same number of points as a player who raises again on the river. In fact, even the player who throws in the cutoff position before contributing anything to the pot will get the same number of points. This method encourages an extremely tight style of play and is preferred by more professional poker players.

Ranking points are used for two different purposes. First, “award medals” and “level of distinction” are awarded to players based on the number of ranking points earned during a calendar year. The levels are detailed in the table below.

750 10 USD 10 000 50 USD 40 000 50 USD 90 000 100 USD 600 000 3600 USD 1.75 9 200 USD
1500 10 USD 15 000 50 USD 45 000 50 USD 100 000 200 USD 700 000 2800 USD 2M 19 200 USD
2250 10 USD 20 000 50 USD 50 000 100 USD 200 000 2600 USD 800 000 4 200 USD 2.25 9.200 USD
3000 10 USD 25 000 50 USD 60 000 100 USD 300 000 2800 USD 1M 20 000 USD 2.5 9.200 USD
4000 10 USD 30 000 50 USD 70 000 100 USD 400 000 $ 3,000 1.25 9.200 USD 2.75 9.200 USD
5000 10 USD 35 000 50 USD 80 000 100 USD 500 000 $ 3,200 1.5 9.200 USD 3M 19 200 USD
Ranking points are also used to categorize players into different categories, each with different benefits. There are six different categories, which are shown in the table below.

RankTime FramePoints RequiredCombat Point szorzó
Lieutenant Monthly None of them 1 * RP earned
Captain Monthly 750 1.5 * RP scored
More significant Monthly 3000 2 * RP scored
Colonel Monthly 7500 2.5 * RP scored
General Annual 100 000 3.5 * RP scored
5-star general Annual 1 000 000 5 * RP scored
You will notice that overall and 5 star ranks are given based on scores achieved during a calendar year. Players can track their monthly and annual scores on the Poker Client Rewards tab.

Each rank is associated with a number of different benefits, most of which relate to what fees or cash are issued in the store. These prizes or cash payments are purchased using battle points. The player earns one battle point for each reward point earned, multiplied by the well-named “battle point multiplier” shown in the table above. Of course, the more battle points you earn, the more you can buy in the store.

Summary of value
Let’s break this down into dollars and cents. They earn 750 RPs in the first month of the game, which correlates with the $ 136 rake. This elevates you to the rank of captain, offering a 1.5 battle point multiplier – rewarded with 1125 CP. Excellent!

1. You can now buy $ 10 in cash from the store.

2. In addition, as soon as you will no doubt remember the medal in the table above, you have earned yourself the first medal, which entitles you to an additional $ 10!

3. And of course you still work on that huge sign-up bonus – $ 1 for every 27.5 points for a total of 750 points… take one, no, that’s not… oh yes, an additional $ 27 in cash.

So they made a total of $ 47 out of a $ 136 rake, or 35% effective rakeback !

Americas Card Room promotions
As if ACR’s crazy, sick loyalty program wouldn’t be enough, these guys are constantly pursuing it with a series of huge promotions. Below we detail our favorites.

$ 5 million guaranteed tournament

Well heard, from September 13th to October 25th, ACM will host five $ 1 million Sunday tournament series with a first prize of $ 200,000. Satellites to the $ 500 + $ 40 daily tournament, along with numerous freerolls and different levels of entry fees.

On-demand freerolls

Think of these $ 10 freerolls as 270 player sitgings – as the tables fill the action! No more waiting for a pre-determined start time – just drop in and start as soon as the tables close. Moreover, the top ten earners of the week will receive a free ticket to a Sit and Crush tournament, and the first place winner will receive a ticket to buy MTT on Sunday for $ 215.

Rake Tournaments – The Beast and Sit & Smash

Each week, America’s Card Room distributes the percentage of rake collected for each cash game and sitngo and divides it into two different prize pools – The Beast and Sit N Crush. At the end of the week, the prize pool will be awarded to those with the highest scores, depending on the size of the pool. Beast winners will also receive a million-dollar satellite seat, while Crush leaderboards will receive a seat in the Tournament Package Jackpot Tournament.

Software and games

America’s Card Room is the flagship of the Winning Poker Network, which has pretty decent liquidity. They offer fixed, limit and pot limit holdem, Omaha, 7 Card Stud, Telenisa and 32 Card Poker games. Most actions are N; o Located at Limit Holdem and pot limit Omaha tables. While it’s hard to find action above $ 2 / $ 4 NL holdem, there are plenty of 6-way tables within and below these limits, as well as very active PL Omaha tables. As can be deduced from the promotional descriptions, there is also a lot of juicy competition and sit n go, and cash games are growing at this time, of course.

The client himself seems familiar to online poker players. The old school tab selection layout allows for easy if you are tired of navigating between game types and limits.

Alas, gamers have to be content to just play on their desktop or laptop – and make sure they don’t use an apple computer! America’s Card Room is download only and works strictly on Windows products.

Customer service
24/7 email, live chat and free phone support. Whatever the question, at any time, you can add someone to the queue.

The point
Praise to America’s Card Room and the Winning Poker Network for waking up to the benefits of integrating bitcoin as a payment option for American players. There are no more weeks for withdrawals or redemptions of special checks that blush the bank cashier. There are no more 5% processing fees or monthly fees for prepaid cards issued by skillful companies you’ve never heard of. Instant deposit, instant payout, no fees and plenty of action from people who continue to use MoneyGram to fund their accounts.

And did we mention the insane value that ACR provides to its players in terms of cash, prizes and tournaments? You almost feel like taking advantage of it.