What Is Branded Content?

The most effective branded content is content that is directly connected to the brand and has a long-lasting impact. Unlike advertising, branded content doesn’t focus on selling the brand’s products or services. Rather, it focuses on the company’s values and makes a personal connection with the audience. Rather, it adopts the classic video spot format or other storytelling methods that have an emotional impact. In addition, branded content should be available on a variety of platforms, including YouTube and social media.


Despite the fact that branded content isn’t new, many companies are still unclear about what it is. Some believe it is simply another form of native advertising. Others think that branded content should be treated as a marketing strategy and not treated as a separate entity. However, it is important to recognize that it should be viewed as a unique marketing strategy. Here are some examples. All of these campaigns have one goal – to make the brand an authority in its industry.

Old Spice’s “Dikembe Mutombo” YouTube videos garnered four million views in two months. The video features former NBA player Dikembe Mutombo and challenges viewers to use Old Spice body spray. The video generated a lot of attention and the returns on the advertising and other related spending doubled the company’s original investment. This was a successful example of branded content. While many companies are unsure of what exactly branded content is, it is important to remember that branded content is still considered a form of advertising.

Branded content can take many forms. Some of the most effective examples are those that feature a unique domain name and a full brand name. However, there are many other forms of branded content, which aren’t necessarily exclusive to one brand. There are also a few other types of branded content that aren’t as easily recognized by search engines. In the case of a podcast, it can be a form of native advertising.

In a recent study, Old Spice’s “Dikembe Mutombo” YouTube videos received more than four million views in two months. In one such ad campaign, a former NBA player goes skydiving from space while wearing Red Bull body spray, proving to viewers that Red Bull gives him wings. These ads have become so popular that they’re now considered “natural” and are not intended to be targeted by advertisements.

The ad campaigns that include branded content have many benefits. Compared to the typical ad experience, branded content is digestible, making it a more valuable marketing tool. It also increases brand recognition, which can increase the chances of conversion. Several brands turn to production companies to produce branded content, but they may also use third-party sources of branded content. While a brand’s ad content is still a good thing, a brand can’t ignore the value of their ad.