The Benefits of Branded Content Marketing

A branded product is essentially a name, symbol, concept, tag or any characteristic that identifies one seller’s merchandise or service as different from the goods or services of other similar sellers. Branded products do not necessarily originate from a single manufacturer, but instead from a group of manufacturers who usually come together to form a large organization. Each manufacturer’s aim, objective and strategy are similar in many ways, but each also has a unique competitive advantage and disadvantages. For instance, some companies have a big marketing budget, while others have a small one. Some companies specialize in particular markets whereas others may be involved in selling a wide range of products. All these differences make it difficult for a brand to establish itself as distinct and unique.


Branding is an important tool used by companies to differentiate their products or services from those of their competitors. In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, marketing and advertising become even more important, and branded content marketing is one of the most effective methods available today. Content marketing refers to using branded content such as business news releases, e-newsletters, blogs, press releases, and online portals to effectively promote your brand. It is the ideal way to reach out to your target market and shape their perception of your brand.

The key to effective branded content marketing is to create high quality content that will help people understand your brand, as well as understanding your business objectives. If you intend to remain on top of your game in the global marketplace, you need to constantly update and expand your knowledge of promotional strategies. Developing fresh and enticing content on a regular basis is an excellent way of doing this. You can use social media websites to help you with this, as the leading players in the social media scene are likely to feature your content, as it makes them look good. With time, your targeted audience will come to expect your updates and will find it easy to associate your brand with your published content.

Unlike unbranded content marketing, which tends to be purely informative in nature, branded content is more persuasive, especially when it comes to driving traffic to your website. Consumers tend to form opinions about goods and services based on the information they are exposed to and branded content helps to cement these opinions, rather than forming their own. In fact, studies have shown that consumers who feel that they have been provided with insightful information about a particular product or service are more likely to pass on a branded product review, than those who read an unbiased review.

Another benefit of using branded content marketing is that your audience are more likely to remember your website’s link. In contrast with unbranded content, which is often forgotten after a single glance at it, branded material tends to linger in the viewer’s mind, due to its repetition. When someone comes across your content, they are more likely to click on your links, rather than just clicking past it, as they will see that the author has placed their links throughout their article, rather than simply at the end. Ultimately, a better impression is made than one that was made by an unbranded link.

Brands have also proven that they are more likely to succeed in online marketing through social media, video and blogging. These forms of social media allow you to reach out to a larger audience, as well as interacting with your audience in a more direct manner. When brands are successful in these types of communities, they are more likely to be perceived as credible sources of information. They become trusted sources of information, as well as the ones that others look to for advice. Research has also shown that branded content is much more likely to be shared on popular social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.