New Ways That Brands Are Marketing Through Video Content


New Ways That Brands Are Marketing Through Video Content

A branded handbag is an item, handbag or collection which has been uniquely designed, produced or given by a certain manufacturer to express or promote the company, business or product it belongs to. A brand is a label, symbol, name, design or any characteristic that represents one product or service as different from those of others. Brand names are also frequently referred as trademarks. For example, Nike is one well-known brand that is often confused with another. Nike’s primary business is basketball; however, it has expanded into many different fields and markets. Similarly, a Rolex watch could be called a “trademark”, as it has been specifically designed for use by Rolex watch owners.

Brands have become a vital part of promotional merchandising as they allow a company to create a distinct image and to build recognition. They are used in marketing research, strategic planning, product positioning and customer communication. Branding allows the introduction of a consistent or controlled image and message. For example, when a new series of shoes is launched, the name of the new line will be promoted extensively in print, on TV, in magazines, on posters and so on. This repetition of promotional activity helps to establish a brand identity. In fact, many of the most successful marketing campaigns incorporate branded content, such as magazine advertising, in order to achieve a more consistent advertising campaign that will become trusted and effective.

Research into various aspects of branded content marketing has found that the most successful marketing campaigns are those that incorporate the consistent repetition of branded content. This is because customers do not have a lot of time to read detailed descriptions of products and services. They want quick information and they want it to be relevant to what they need and want. In this context, it makes sense for a brand to choose product placement, timing and design carefully to ensure maximum impact.

Branded product placement takes into account what viewers at a given point in time are searching for. By understanding what viewers are looking for, marketers are better placed to deliver specific messages that will engage with viewers and make them more likely to buy. A clever example of this strategy is seen when Nike releases a range of running shoes. The brand chooses to highlight the use of power-dampened trainers and the innovation and craftsmanship that goes into making them by highlighting the fact that the shoes are endorsed by the likes of Lance Armstrong, Sir Sean Connery and Mukesh Ambani. By doing this, they are drawing in casual and recreational users, as well as enthusiasts who would not necessarily have been familiar with these brands before.

One of the new ways that brands are using this approach is through marketing online. Online videos have become a highly visible platform for brand advertising and are increasingly becoming an accepted medium for marketing. Video production costs are incredibly low compared to traditional media, so brands can take full advantage of this by creating high quality videos that will drive traffic to their website. YouTube is by far the most popular search engine for videos and this means that businesses can market online and reach millions of viewers in the process. Branded video content can also be shared across other social media channels, as well as reaching millions more viewers, further boosting visibility.

In the end, the biggest winners from this type of marketing strategy are businesses that understand the unique benefits of storytelling. Whilst traditional advertising may seem like a good way to keep up with the Joneses, it is important to stop and think about how this is reaching the end result of your campaign. Branded video content allows for a unique insight into the lives of ordinary people and allows consumers to engage with brands in a more personal and authentic way. This is why stories are still becoming the best selling items on traditional advertising.