How Is Fashion Information Opened For Us?


How Is Fashion Information Opened For Us?

Fashion is the visual language of an age and a culture. It is an ongoing commentary on who we are, what we want to be, how we want to look, and what we have to have. Fashion is more than what clothes we wear or what cosmetics we wear, more than the colors we prefer or the styles in which we wear our hair, it is an integrated language which communicates all its sub-texts and nuances. As a cultural practice and profession, fashion is now more important than ever in modern times.

Fashion is a mode of autonomy and self expression in a certain context and at a certain time, usually in a trendy area, clothing, footwear, accessories, cosmetics, hairstyle, body posture, and social life. The word itself indicates a distinctive look defined by the fashion market as what is in vogue at that time. This further implies that the look and style is being developed over time by designers and stylists. The evolution of fashion goes hand in hand with modernization, which affects everything. Since the inception of Western civilization, fashion has been a major influential force in societal dressing and the shaping of culture, as well as individual dressing.

Fashion design specifically addresses issues of social justice such as gender, ethnicity, social status, nationality, disability, ethnicity, age, nationality, cultural heritage, profession, wealth and status. Fashion designers have always worked closely with these different categories of people and challenged the idea of domination, oppression, and hierarchy through their work. With modernity encroaching on all aspects of life, the influence of fashion is constantly transforming and re-contributing to progress and advancement for all sections of society. Through fashion we can express ourselves and make statements about our opinions, beliefs, dreams, desires, dreams, hopes and ideals.

Fashion designers are now engaged in the business of providing clothes, accessories and shoes that meet the changing needs of customers. It is important for a designer to look out for the latest fashion trends and prepare his/her collection that will cater to the changing needs of the public. It is also important for a designer to be sensitive about the perceptions of the masses that could determine the success or failure of a particular project. A designer must be able to anticipate changes in fashion trends and change with them to create a product that is not only unique and beautiful, but also appealing and comfortable. There is no doubt that the modern world of fashion and designer clothing has touched the lives of all who are involved in its process from the common consumer to the highest officials of state.

Fashion trends, designs and styles have changed drastically throughout history. However, basic fashion theories have not undergone any major changes. Basic concepts such as color, design, cut and styling still form the basis of all fashions. These fundamental areas of fashion are what enable us to distinguish one fashion from another. The changes in the fashions come about due to the evolution of people and their attitude towards fashion.

Fashion trends, styles and designs have metamorphosed due to people’s behavior and outlooks towards social justice, beauty and status. Fashion information presented by fashion designers has been largely responsible for answering this question. Through information presented in books, magazines and catalogues, we get to know about the emerging styles and trends. Through these sources, it is possible to discern the real beauty of a product or piece of clothing through the combination of colors and hues and to see whether or not it matches with the already existing trends. Thanks to fashion information, we can now confidently shop for the clothes we want to match our attitude and lifestyle.