Bitcoin Roulette Guide

Roulette is an extremely popular casino table game that has been played for hundreds of years. It got its name from the French word meaning small wheel. The game is almost identical to when it first appeared in the 18th century, but from now on you can play in online casinos around the world and even use Bitcoin for betting.

The simplicity of Bitcoin roulette, the variety of betting options and potentially large prizes make it a game for thousands of gamblers every day. The game has earned the nickname “The Devil’s Wheel” because the total number of the wheel is 666. Don’t worry, the game isn’t scary and has no demonic connections! Continue reading to learn more about using bitcoin to play online roulette and the most popular bitcoin roulette sites to get started.

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The best Bitcoin roulette sites
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Bovada logo 125% bonus up to $ 3750 125% bonus up to $ 3750

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Black Chip Poker logo 200% bonus up to $ 1000 200% bonus up to $ 1000

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BetOnline logo 100% Crypto Bonus 100% Crypto Bonus

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How to play roulette with Bitcoin
A roulette round begins with the croupier inviting players to bet. These bets are made and the croupier slowly spins the wheel. A small ball is rotated around a grooved track in the opposite direction to the rotating wheel. The ball eventually loses its momentum and is placed on one of the numbers from 0 to 36, which alternate in red and black (zero is green, more on that later!) To win or lose depending on where you placed the bet.

Most crypto roulette sites offer this game in their portfolio because it is so popular. Bitcoin roulette games play exactly the same as traditional roulette, unless you use Bitcoin for your bets and not the regular country currency. The location of an online casino and where players are received is related to the offerings of American or European roulette.

Read on to find out more about the different roulette bets you can make with Bitcoin and the Bitcoin casinos where you can play roulette.

Types of roulette betting
Let’s do something out of the way before we start talking about roulette betting. It’s a complete game of chance without skill. You bet, you take your chance, and Lady Luck determines whether you win or lose.

This did not stop some people from trying to develop a live roulette betting system. Don’t be fooled if someone offers you the chance of unspeakable wealth by paying for their system. They do not work like any betting system.

However, you can bet with bets that increase your chances of winning the next spin, but these bets will of course have lower odds and therefore payouts. These are the most popular roulette bets that can be placed with your roulette Bitcoin.

All subsequent bets have a 2.7% house advantage when playing on a French bitcoin roulette table (one with a single zero) or a 5.3% house advantage when you bet on American roulette (zero and double zero wheels). Play on a French wheel where possible because the edge of the house is almost half that of American tables.

A straight bet on any number is a bet between zero and 36. This is a popular bet because of the 35: 1 prize he has awarded. While the payout is great, don’t expect to hit a single number very often.

There are a number of other number-related roulette strategies and bets that pay less but are more likely to come in. For example, splitting means receiving any two adjacent numbers vertically or horizontally. This bet pays 17: 1.

Corner bets are also popular because they cover four possible numbers in a block. Corner bets involve an 8: 1 payout.

There are also bets called external bets. They come in much more, but they pay the least. Most online and live casinos accept larger amounts if you place external bets.

Betting on red or black is the most common outside bet. Bet on Red and win 1-1 when the ball hits the red number. The same goes for black betting. Your colored bets will be lost if the ball falls to the green zero.

You can also place similar bets on an odd or even number of balls. Again, these have 1 to 1 payouts. The same payout applies to bets on the area you win when the ball lands 1-18 or 19-36.

Betting on the possible three dozen is another popular low-risk roulette bet. You bet on the 1st, 2nd or third dozen and you win if the ball goes to the corresponding dozens. Paying dozens of bets for 2: 1.

Finally, before explaining some special bets, consider betting on columns. Like the dozens, they also cover 12 numbers and 2-to-1 payouts.

Multiple special bets cover a lot more numbers to increase your chances of winning the next round, but don’t pay off high odds. Subsequent bets are called “Call Bets” or “Announced Bets”.

Voisins makes a series of bets that cover the numbers zero and eight on each side. You need nine chips or multiples of them to accept an invalid bet. With most holes you can win 17-ti-1, depending on which number the ball falls on.

Tiers bets on 12 numbers directly opposite zero. This chip requires six chips and the maximum payout is 17: 1.

Orphelins bets refer to numbers that are not covered by voisins or levels. This bet spans eight numbers, with five chips, with the highest possible payout, from 35 to 1.

The last call is Zero or Jeu Zero. This covered four numbers inside and around zero with four chips. Again, the maximum payout is 35: 1

Why Gamble for Bitcoin

Where to play Roulettewith with Bitcoin
Plenty of Bitcoin roulette sites offer a variety of casino games and each one is 100% safe and fair. Check out one or all of the following cryptographic roulette casinos that have been tried and tested by our team of gambling experts. Some also offer free spins and deposit bonus options, so don’t hesitate, get started today!

Loki Casino
mBit Casino
Roulette Em
You will need a Bitcoin wallet before you can purchase and use the Bitcoin game in your casino. We’ve put together an easy-to-digest guide on how to do this. You can find this here.

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