What You Need To Know About The Fashion Life Cycle


What You Need To Know About The Fashion Life Cycle

What is fashion? The answer is easy: fashion is a general term for many things. Fashion pertains to dress, accessories (e.g., shoes), hair style, cosmetics, make-up, body language, and behavior in a given situation and at a certain time. In its broader sense, the word also refers to a style defined by the fashion industry as what is stylish at that moment. That is, a given outfit is considered fashionable if the majority of people who are looking at it are doing so because of the latest trends in the fashion industry.

Just as the word describes high fashion, what follows is a broad list of what is considered low fashion. Anything deemed to be trashy, offensive, or otherwise undesirable tends to be labeled as such. The most obvious examples of this are clothes that are worn for skimpy or intimate occasions. Since they are worn by people with an apparent self-isolationist attitude, the clothes can be considered to fit the description of high fashion.

In this day and age, it seems like everyone is trying to establish their own personal style by wearing the clothes that are trendy. As a result, anyone who wants to look attractive has to keep up with the latest fashion trends. One way that people do this is by learning to wear the proper clothing items and accessories that will not only look good on them, but will also allow them to move around in their surroundings freely and without feeling as though they are being monitored or judged. Even when you are not attending formal functions, it is important to wear appropriate clothing so that you do not look like a part of the general crowd.

While you do not have to go out in order to find out what is popular, it is still helpful to get an idea of what is fashionable when it comes to clothing and accessories. One way that people can do this is to read magazines and other publications that feature stylish individuals. These publications may even provide pictures of people who can act as models for new clothing lines. In many cases, fashion magazines and other publications are free, so you should definitely take advantage of this opportunity.

In addition to reading fashion magazines and watching television programs that feature stylish individuals, it is also a good idea to attend fashion shows. Many of these fashion shows are held in the clothing district of a city. If you are attending a fashion show in New York City, for example, you may want to stop by the Metropolitan Dressers’ Union and inquire about the fashion trends that are currently popular. The members of this prestigious organization often put together fashion shows in order to provide the public with information about what is going on in the world of fashion. If you happen to know any female celebrities whose clothes are trendy, you should talk to them about where they get their clothes from and how they choose fashion styles.

The fashion world is full of new and exciting fashion trends. Even though some of these fashions are extremely trendy, it is always a good idea to be safe and to buy only quality clothing when you buy something new. The reason for this is because you never really know which clothing style will become popular in the future. There are many different reasons why a particular style of clothing becomes more popular than the rest. With so many fashions available, it is often necessary to try a variety of clothes in order to determine which one is going to work best for your personal style.

Best White Minimalist Leather Sneakers for Men

Of all the wardrobe staples a man should have, the humble and minimalist white sneaker may be the most versatile. There’s something comforting about a pair of leather sneakers that are understated and can be paired with anything in a wardrobe, whether it be jeans or shorts.

But why get sneakers in white leather? Sure, they take more effort to maintain than other colours and easily attract dirt, but if you manage to keep them clean, they’ll be one of the best footwear investments a man can make. The fact that they’re made in leather makes them easier to clean – other materials like canvas attract grim more easily, while leather sneakers only require wipes to keep them sparkling clean.

I’ve cycled through a numerous pairs of white leather sneakers over the years, but time after time, I find that I turn to classic silhouettes that look modern because they and work with any outfit. Here are some of my favourite minimalist white leather sneakers.

Common Projects Original Achilles Low Sneakers

Any sneaker list would be incomplete without a mention of Common Projects. Possibly the original contemporary brand to bring minimalist sneakers into the mainstream, Common Projects is known for its clean lines and classic construction. This sneaker has a leather lining and insole for a luxurious touch. The rubber role unit makes it last longer and suitable for all-day wear. Like all Common Projects sneakers, it has a unique coding adorned on the side which marks its colour, code and size.

House of Future Hi Top Micro-Leather Sneakers

Designed to be a modern reinterpretation of the classic basketball hi-top, this pair of sneakers from indie Australian brand House of Future is minimalism at its best. The rubber roles make it easy to clean and wipe down. While this is made from micro-leather and not full leather, we can turn a blind eye to this.

MOBS Tread Low Sneakers in White

This pair of sneakers from MOBS is for those who like things classic but with a twist. The low-top silhouette makes it easy to match with jeans or shorts, while the little markings at the top give it an edge. The leather upper and leather lining construction means this pair of sneakers is comfy and breathable for hot summer days.

Svensson Classic Low White Leather Sneakers

This low top sneaker from Svensson epitomizes the classic and no fuss approach Swedes have towards men’s style. The leather upper is supported by a padded leather tongue and is kept unadorned for a versatile look. These sneakers are made in Italy and comes in Italian sizing, so make sure you get a size smaller than your usual size.

FEIT Handsewn Cordovan White Leather Low Top Sneakers

Made in Italy, these ‘The Royale’ sneakers from Greats Brand are made from full grain leather so they only get better with age. This is lined in the same soft leather, so socks are optional. The cotton laces are also waxed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The Kooples High-Top White Leather Sneakers

Distinguished by the prominent zip detail at either size of the lacing, these high-top sneakers from French brand The Kooples strike the perfect balance between looking classic and rock ‘n’ roll. Wear them with denim for a weekend look, or wear them with shorts when the heat comes.

SL/01 Court Sneakers in Off-White Leather from Saint Laurent

These classic sneakers from Saint Laurent are inspired by tennis shoes and have “SL/01” embossed on along the ankle in fine print. It is made from supple calf leather and has a gold-tone logo stamp at the tongue and off-white rubber sole. It also features stitched lines on the sides which keeps the aesthetic classic.

Maison Margiela Low Top Future Sneakers

Margiela isn’t know for doing anything middle-of-the-road, so when they create minimalist sneakers, they make them futuristic too. Case in point: these low-top ‘future’ sneakers are sleek in design and defined by  distinctive lace guard panels. Crafted in soft white leather, they also feature Margiela’s signature white stitch at the heel.

Nike Air Force 1 ’07 Low-Tops

Sneakers don’t get more timeless than Nike Air Force Ones. This pair in all white leather is the perfect companion to any man’s wardrobe. Keep them with clean with leather wipes or an old piece of cloth.


Men’s Hairstyle Trend 2021: Brit Rock Hairstyle

The Brit Rock hairstyle has been a staple on menswear shows in recent seasons, but it was the Burberry Prorsum Spring/Spring 2021 show that has made this style catch on, and it’s a hairstyle trend that will continue into 2021.

Inspired by British rock bands like The Beatles and The Animals, the Brit Rock hairstyle offers plenty of variations for guys to play around to suit their tastes. In essence; the Brit Rock hairstyle consists of shorter sides, with a medium fringe that is layered. The overall look is a little disheveled and textured, but always looks effortless.

The great thing about the Brit Rock hairstyle is that it’s versatile and most guys can make the hairstyle work for them. Below are some images that display the range of variations of the hairstyle and how, with different styles of cuts or products, it could work for you.

This interpretation of the Brit Rock hairstyle is disheveled and slightly messy, with the fringe significantly longer than the sides, and with plenty of volume at the top. The shorter sides balance the fringe, and avoids your head and hair looking too big. The fringe goes to the sides.

The above shows a more structured interpretation of the Brit Rock hairstyle, the fringe in this case is shorter (after a shower, it should be above the eyebrows ), but the texture is emphasized once again. Because the hair is short, this is vital to give more volume to the hair so it doesn’t look dull or flat.

Unlike the other above interpretations, this hairstyle is more clean cut and relaxed. Because the fringes are longer and will go over the eyebrows, the end result is hair that looks a bit choppy (in an effortless fashion). There is more hair at the top of the headwhich gives the shape that sustains the Brit Rock look.

Traditionally, the fringe was swooped either left or right, but in the 2021 catwalks, some of the fringes swoop forward to cover the eyebrows for a modern twist. British actor and Burberry model Douglas Booth (below)pulls off this new interpretation with ease.

Products to get the Brit Rock Hairstyle

To achieve the Brit Rock hairstyle, texture is of utmost importance. This may come from your natural hair, or the way the haircut is done (various layers with different cuts), or through products. To make the hairstyle work for you, talk to your hairdresser about what you want (print the photos above if needed) so they can advise what will suit your hair and face.

Some of the below products will also help you maintain the look.